“I’m Fat”

I see a big problem with a lot of people’s preconceptions. Particularly about fat. To a lot, “weight loss” is a goal. And this isn’t a bad thing by any means. But what does the average person do? They get down on themselves.

It’s supposed to be a merry jog in the park you ask? No. But, a shitty self image doesn’t burn fat. Hard work, when your pissed and hungry does! You don’t get rid of the gut by being down on yourself, you lose fat by demonizing the fake processed garbage you once called “food”, and putting some force under the bar. Sets, reps, and disciplines don’t matter half as much as intensity! You should be half gimping, half dragging yourself out of the rack, off your bike, or for that matter, off the treadmill in your air conditioned box, ready to fill yourself with protein and rest. You hate the fat and you hate the old lifestyle, not yourself.

Good Luck in Your Endevors!