Critique for Summit

Jasmine and Jessica

I was one of the game play tester at the first stage of the game, I liked the game a lot. One thing I liked about this game is that Summit is a game with very clear rules, I was able to understand the rules within 5 minutes. Unlike some complicated games, we didn’t need to read the rules for half an hour and still be confused during the game. The game is basically to get to the top with the most blocks and not to be the last one finished. Compares to Tony and Jessie’s first version of the game, the final version is more balanced. Last time when played this game, I was the last one started from the bottom, therefore I got extra 2 energy points, so that I won’t be the last one get to the top if everyone choses to race to the top. This game is very competitive and fast paced; we were able to finished the game in 20 minutes.

The original game mechanic was network building, on top of that, we thought that we can add simulation to be another game mechanics. Players are different kinds of germs or virus, the goal is to reach the brain and contaminate body parts. We are going to add functions to some of the blocks, choose different path could lead to different outcomes.

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