How This Friend Became the Best

You see, some friendships that are truly remarkable start from a random night when all the secrets are revealed and how surprising it is to find the person who either understands them or shares the same concealed truth. There are some that were built on the days they both enjoyed the company of each other like dates could not have gone any better.

But I and my best friend’s were built on a random day when we decided we’ll be best friends. There was no special occasion attached to it, no special secrets between the both of us, we just decided we’re two people who can rely on each other. See, it was easy for me to accept and build friendships regardless of whoever the person is, no matter how similar or different we are. Everyone who knows me and me, especially, know how versatile I am when it comes to people. And back when we were both still wearing baby bras and pinky swearing on every little secret, I somehow didn’t think how much this friendship would play out.

Sixteen years later, here I am writing about the same friend who I happen to have shared the same bath with, played lego wars at her old house, shared the same crush with, and played a ball game we and other friends invented. She’s the same friend who didn’t approve of the man I first loved (I don’t think she will ever approve of anyone, anyway), who called up a guy and called him ‘asshole’ because I had been emotionally damaged, who gave me a heart-shaped balloon on Valentine’s Day back in college, and made her family my family as well. It’s hard to imagine all the days that had gone by just like that knowing we’re now onto another chapter of our lives.

It’s oddly weird to go back to all these fun times with her knowing it was just another day in our lives but then it is weirder to imagine all these things do not happen the way it did. And at this day and age, where social media has become the fashion to brag the person we have become and people talk about friendships like they’re simply ordered from an online shop, I’m glad we both chose to let things be the way it has always been between us and never force anything on one another despite our vast differences.

It was then that I knew that a friendship so undemanding and selfless could be the friendship that has taught me a far greater lesson not only in friendship but life, in general. Despite how contradicting we both are — her love for chocolate and my displeasure in it, her love for make-up and my non-existent knowledge about it, her passion for visual art and my profound love for words — there is nobody else easier to pour my soul into than my best friend.

After sixteen years, I know I have said all there is to say about myself and ourselves. I know that she already knows how grateful I am and how moved I am to be part of it. I know this wouldn’t change anything nor make her realize things she had not already known; I guess once in a while, she deserves to know how her presence in itself has become the greatest gift to me and that no other gift could ever fair up to what she has given to this world.

Happy Birthday, my BFF.