The Only Thing Helps You out of the Hell is Self-Motivation (.. and that’s how running a blog benefits you!)

As I work on the very first article of my blog on this very special day when I finally decide to announce my determination of recording my organized thoughts regularly (yes, re·gu·lar·ly: occurring at fixed intervals, according to I am fumbling for the best word to describe my feeling at the moment.

The word “intimidating” came to my mind at the first place. Not that I doubt my perseverance and ability to keep super-pumped and self-motivated to keep track of what i think of everything I see or learn everyday, but leading an organized life and coming up with eloquent words had always been two most difficult mysteries in my life. But they are exactly what a blog is about: helpful advices or opinions expressed in a comprehensive manner. I did make my voice everyday, but the thing is, I haven’t even written anything easily persuading myself in my life! This suggests the difficulty of keeping this blog alive: now I am running a blog accessible to the world, rather than some cyber diaries full of trivial complains no one cares! And, I will (at least I think I will) protect it from dying very soon out of an eventual failure to keep either my life or my statement organized.

Learn it yourself when no one expects nothing from you

The question “What am I gonna write?” comes after another significant one, “Who am I?” I am working on an MA degree in China at the moment but I hate the campus life here everyday. What do you expect from an MA degree in China? When you are surrounded by loyal party members and people whose life journey has never coincided with you at all, and when you learn absolutely nothing from the required courses that you have to attend everyday, it seems like self-learning becomes the most important skill to make some sense to your life. Yes, I don’t like the situation I am now in at all, but when taking it as a precious period to start leading my life with self-motivation I have no reason to idle my life away with self pity.

So here are the things people should really learn and put to action when in his/her own hell.

Stay organized

When in hell, do as the warriors do. The very first thing you learn when you finally become an adult is that perfect is never a word you could use to describe any real thing happens in your life. What’s worse, nothing’d turn perfect on its own. NEVER. You have to be well informed about the benefits and bitterness in every stage of your life. Being organized is about keeping yourself aware of all the potential risks so that you can plan ahead and live your life at your own will, without having to compromise. It’s a difficult 101 course to lead your life in hell.

Stay focused

People are so easily get lost in trivial matters in life. No matter how considerate and excited you are about your life in the morning, a retrospective moment at noon could easily bring you to dismal. If your energy gets easily distracted, your life will be so wasted. Keep your attention only on the most influential matters so you can stay in a positive mind. If you don’t like the situation at all, you don’t have to be sad about any trivial problem in it.

Stay humble

Remember that NorCal sunny day, when an engineer I met on train talks about his professional life he briefly made the point that it’s only one’s humbleness makes a perfect Product Manager. Sounds like a cheap quote from the Chicken Soup for the Soul? But action is damn more difficult than words. I have met some cool people here with the quality here, which proves that the journey is not that meaningless and alone.

Stay free

It was rather scary to remind myself of the fact yesterday that I have been trapped in the same little town for a whole month. I have spent my last whole year wandering around the world and the feeling of freedom was great. Getting back to school and staying at library all day sounds relaxing with no pains at the moment, but it won’t be if it finally wipes out my memories of how big the world could be. No matter what I do, I shall never stop my journey.

About me:

I am now a MA student based in Shanghai and my future research will focus on technology and communications area.

Making this blog happen is just my very first step to stay self-motivated and self-disciplined. Besides that I am now reading to be more familiar with creative writing in English. I am also polishing my front-end skills and in search for my very first internship in front-end develop.

BTW I am not a English native speaker, feel free to tell me if I used some word incorrectly or something just doesn’t sound right. Thanks!