“Double Eleven”

7.6 billion packages, 1.7 million mailmen, 120 thousand orders-all these happened in one week after November. 11th in 2015, according to People Daily. This was performance of Alibaba which was not a special case or a flash in the pan. Previous data can show that the crazy thing happened in succession: on November, 11th in 2014, Alibaba’s turnover of that day was 9.3 billion dollars which has created a record and the one in 2013 was 57 billion dollars. People set alarms for the sale online, crazy about clicking the mouse to make orders of the stuff as fast as possible, because one second late could mean that the products may be sold out.

It is typical scenery we can see or hear about around us when November 11th comes. This day every year has become a shopping festival for all netizens to consume and purchase stuff. At the very first, 11.11 was a festival of single people in china, and this concept can be traced back to 1990s. Compared with valentine’s day, November 11th encouraged single people to buy gifts for themselves. In 2009, this concept was utilized by Alibaba and they stimulated sale through sharp discount in online shopping. And trademark of “double eleven” was then registered by Alibaba successfully.

And now, November. 11th has become a golden opportunity for merchants to sell stuff online through discount. And it has become a trend to do shopping online during the shopping festival every year. Alibaba and Jingdong, as two main platforms for online shopping, has started competing and wanted to be the biggest winner in this festival in the past few years. Meanwhile, it has made huge challenge to various walks of life, such las, transport and logistics, express industry and many other relevant business in our daily life.

During the shopping festival, how was the quality of products provided online? How can consumers be sure about it? In the past few years, buyers on Taobao could not return products they had bought without any reasons and this kind of service was available in other days in the same year. It led to a consequence obviously that once you had bought an unsatisfactory product online and you could not change or return while it was difficult for netizens to check product’s quality in advance. And we also cannot obviate fake advertisement on the internet which may mislead the consumers to purchase. Aiming at some illegal behaviors of shopkeepers online, SAIC (State Administration for Industry and Commerce) has come up with a survey projects to attack illegal behaviors during these days and it can to some extent reduce these cases and makes merchants follow the rules and norms.

And on the other hand, Jingdong and Alibaba, as two outstanding enterprises in E-commerce, should not form a monopoly and a cruel situation that either of them can survive in the end when the other should go to perish. And their competition in business shouldn’t be as bloody as what is going on now. Critics Xiaobo Wu has pointed out that 11.11 has become a kind of crisis just like transport during the Spring Festival in China.

What do people think of “double eleven” phenomenon? Do most of people approve this kind of tool for marketing? Some of people interviewed thought it depended. Because it can be a positive loop or a kind of win-win situation if the seller can make more money while consumers can gain benefit when buying stuff at a comparatively price. But the premise is that consumer should not blindly follow the trend and be crazy about doing shopping regardless of their real needs and demands. Also, sellers should ensure the quality of products so that they can win consumers’ trust instead of cheating them one time and lose customer sources forever. Otherwise, it is only a crazy festival in which consumers go insane and sellers make money against their conscience. But in general, most of people interviewed thought they were rational consumers and they could take advantage of this chance rather than being controlled by marketing tools.

November 11th in 2016 is around the corner, and it is still hot this year undoubtedly. The overwhelming advertisements can be seen everywhere: on the internet, along the street, and even can be seen on the bus stations. But here comes a question which we cannot ignore: will November 11th be hot in the future, in another word, how long will people’s fever last? Who knows.