A Review on My Boyfriend’s Mixtape for Me

It’s, entirely, just sweet and sincere, just like he is. There are no gimmicks — no dark pieces, or out-of-place EDMs, pretentious indie tracks or musical fillers, self-absorbed confessionals. It is a hundred percent, pure, unadulterated dedication.

This is more than I can say for the ones I have given him. They’re artistic statements as much as they are for him. They’re letters to him about how I feel for him, injected with stories about me. They are about him, about us, about me, about the future, about the past, about music itself — what the heck, everything — just everything I want to tell him.

I know I’m very demanding of him, and he’s always very compliant and sometimes we get into these little run-around-circles arguments because of how I want him to take more initiative but the fact of the matter is that he’s much simpler of a person than I am. My expectations of life is just big, and in many ways, I have an unhealthy method dealing with them — like they make me all kinds of stressed and neurotic. So here comes along a guy, who would do anything to make me happy. But in his head, his definition — or idea of what would make me happy is just very simple, because these things, like the little non — like, things that aren’t statements or just big, shiny things, they’re all it takes to make him happy.

What he gives me is a strong, firm foundation — dedication, it’s love at it’s purest form. And I’ve never seen it clearer (now that we are again 3000km apart because it’s the semester break and we’re both back home… kidding… maybe…).

I miss you; I love you; thank you.

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