Thank you for sharing the metaphor of the tree of knowledge.
Shirley Jimenez

Thank you for reading and appreciating it. Hmmm… synchronicity or coincidence? Does it matter? I’ll have to think about that. Providing an answer to that queswtion may be “above my pay grade”. Bear in mind, however, that the two dates you cite just happened to be the only two dates I provided for you. I inadvertantly framed the picutre that way, but there is always more to an an idea and to the expression of it than one can capture in a particular frame of reference.

We tend to think of pictures as being smaller than their frames, but frames provide context, becoming part of the picture, perhaps enlarging the picture, and/or possibly also hiding part of it. I offered the link to provide some context for the one-line poem. It was the first thing that came to mind, and I spent very little time on the project. On another day, I might have chosen something else to provide a slightly or very different context.

So… Is that synchronicity or coincidence? I am going to go with coincidence, and a high level of confidence… but, what do I know? And, more importantly, what don’t I know? I don’t have the whole picture either. And there, in a nutshell, is one of the most problematic aspects of the human condition: We so easily attain a high level of confidence regading things we don’t fully understand, often without stopping to consider the basis of our assumptions.

Returning to the poem, to bring the comments full circle, people argue about what fruit grows on the Tree of Knowledge—apple, pear, fig and others have been suggested and defended—possibly without stopping to consider that apples grow on apple trees, pears on pear trees, and figs on fig trees. The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge is, of course, knowledge itself, but then, perhaps apples, pears, and figs were intended as extensions of the metaphor, rather than extensions of a tree.

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