Climate Change is Real, for those who still doubt it

For years, politicians of the world have been debating about whether or not climate change is real. To some, it is just a hoax created by some companies or governments to maximize their profits. To others, it is a reality. This is for the former batch of people.

The place I live in used to be covered with snow in winters a few decades ago. Now it is barely even cold. The sea levels are rising all over the world. The polar ice caps are melting. The temperatures are going up. These are all signs of global warming and there are people who still doubt if it’s a real thing.

We were given a beautiful world by our ancestors. And we have managed to damage it in every possible way. Yes, humans have created a world that is more technologically advanced. We have better communication systems. Better technologies. Bigger buildings. We have created Artificial Intelligence and robots and a great many things that we should be proud of. But, we need to stop and ask ourselves a question. At what cost?

The big corporations are damaging our environment every day just to maximize their profits. They burn forests and turn sea bodies into poison just to make billions of dollars in revenue. But, what good will those billions of dollars be if their won’t be an Earth that would take us as its inhabitants.

But the blame is not just on big corporations. We, as individuals, are equally to blame. Every choice we make each day of our life has an impact on the environment. Food we eat. Clothes we wear. Mode of transportation we choose. Every piece of plastic we use. Every drop of water we waste. Every time we leave the lights switched on. Every single choice, no matter how fundamental it is, makes an impact on the environment. And to think of over 7 billion people making those choices every single day of their lives, the impact we have on Earth is phenomenal.

Climate change is real. Believe it now or be prepared to perish. And every one of us has the responsibility to repair what we have damaged. To do our bit. To give back to Earth what we have taken. It is time we stop debating, stop thinking and start acting. It is up to all of us, the citizens of Earth, to act and act now so we could leave the Earth in a better condition than we found it in.