How Valuable Are Your Sentiments?
Zeng Hou Lim

In the spirit of publicness — similar to this medium post — here are your instructors’ comments for this project.

  1. Good job with following up on the issues raised from your presentation. I liked the improved chart on Figure 2.0 with the clearer use of colors and labels and shading.
  2. It is worth looking also at the positive tweets around the Apple Event to see its impact on the ROR. This is related to one of the main claims you are making from your Data Narrative.
  3. Good job with explaining the details of your analyses — in particular your discussion of the time lag between the event and the stock price.
  4. The section labelled “It’s shorter than you think” is quite important we feel and shows that you understand the limitation of your analyses and the data that you are using.
  5. One criticism is that you took the pains to highlight Apple Event segments earlier on in the Data Narrative — however, it is curious why you do not use those segments in your analyses of the relationship between sentiment score and ROR. Instead, you report a straight time series.

Great job overall — the medium post definitely lends itself to showcasing and sharing a data narrative. However, it is important to note that the platform/channel we use to share the data narrative can influence how much detail you can report as well. In this medium post, we thought that there was a nice balance between technical detail and takeaway insights.

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