Increasing the cost of attack with Isolation tactics

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Clocking my CISSP renewal points again. Some ideas for Small Medium Enterprise to consider.

Side-track a little… Was rather impressed with MacOS text-to-speech. It‘s quite natural sounding, in fact iPad sounded even better but I can’t find a keyboard shortcut to automatically read the selected text.

My work-flow of producing self-reading slides was something like this:

  1. Prepare the Keynote slides, write your thoughts into the note area.
  2. Assuming text-to-speech was already setup on your Mac, go to the presenter note text-area, press Option + Esc, it will start reading what you wrote. Press the same key combo to stop reading.
  3. Once you are happy with it, select-all the note’s text & drill into…

4. Add audio track from iTunes to your Keynote:

5. So for instance, the “Isolation 1” audio track takes 4 seconds as shown above, just configure the slide’s “Animate” to automatically move on to the next slide in 4 seconds.

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