Get 8 hours of sleep
5 Brilliant Tricks To Help You Cope With Too Much Stress
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This is so important. I suffer from generalized anxiety along with a host of other mental illnesses, and I find that everything really starts falling apart when I can’t get 8 hours of sleep (thanks, insomnia). Sleeping pills are best avoided, but as someone who needs them from time to time, I find it is better to give yourself extra time to sleep when you do. It helps you wake up less groggy, and feel more rested even if you don’t normally wake up from sleeping pills groggy. This is important because sleeping pills can prevent you from getting as deep a sleep as you might want.
Over sleeping can also be a problem. It can cause more lethargy and make your mood and productivity plummet, and if you have depression (or really, really, really like sleep) you can end up feeling like you need more and more each day.

But it’s also important to remember that while 8 hours is the standard, some people function best on a little less or a little more sleep. If you’re not really feeling great with sleeping 8 hours, try sleeping a little less and a little more, or, better yet, if you go on vacation for a while, don’t set any alarms and see when you naturally feel tired, and when you naturally wake up. Though this may not work if you have anxiety, mania, depression, or other disorders that can affect sleep and sleep quality.

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