Lockdown is a game of survival! The key to winning this game is knowing who you locked up with. Survival with someone you love, survival with someone just like, or sharing space with your worst enemy is all starting to blur in these trying times. Take, for instance, that roommate with whom you are sharing space, seeing them every day with all their quirks. Too much time together can shift the dynamics a lot. People are trying their best to find several ways of getting an escape from people they don’t want to be stuck with but I think Covid-19…

Food is not just a substance that needs to be consumed rather it’s an emotion from which we cannot help ourselves to stay away from. I remember in my hostel days, we used to consider making noodles a big task because that was and still is the only thing that promises to be cooked in just 2 minutes. I have never imagined that a lockdown that happened due to Covid-19 would help people embrace their inner MasterChef with some mouth-watering recipes.

Have you ever seen so many people helping each other to this extent before Covid-19 arrived? Have you seen so much unity across different communities before we experienced lockdown? Actually, I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this since we were born. People are extending their helping hands to ensure the health and well-being of various communities. And at a smaller or larger level, people are fighting against Covid-19. With so many people coming together, it doesn’t matter big or small the impact. Our newfound connected community in itself is worth applauding.

While staying connected remotely, the thing that is making me so jealous is seeing people share some amazing food recipes and I’m in utter awe of all of the workout videos on social platforms. Isn’t it a shock? More than ever, people are working out. But the active lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Some people (like those of us who do not run miles at 6 am us) just want food to be served in bed and daydream about those six-pack abs while eating some home-cooked food made by mom. I want to be an epic chef like all of them…

The soft paper we use in the bathroom is our new favorite subject on the internet because, well, it is becoming so hard to find. What if your currency is about to be replaced with toilet paper? Will baller status be recognized when you have a chain of Toilet paper around your neck? How funny or weird will it sound hearing someone say that I am 100 million TP(Toilet paper) richer than you?

I think this whole situation of COVID-19 has given us another chance to think over the business we’re in?? It’s time to think in the right direction…

If you’re following the demands of the government, you’re reading this enclosed in your home under lockdown or self-quarantined. And I bet at first, it didn’t seem bad. You had the opportunity to catch up on a few Netflix shows that you’ve been looking forward to watching. You were able to read some good books without interruption and get a little extra sleep since you no longer have that annoying two-hour commute to work.

Now, the reality is starting to kick in. Your children are at home full time because schools are closed. You still need to get office work…

A Jynx Scenario by Michael Robinson


“Are you even listening?” Natasha asked as she cuddled with her boyfriend who was scrolling through his phone.

Ross nodded his head in response. They were facing each other, but only one of them was really there.

Her tickle attack was sudden. Within seconds, the room was filled with the sounds of her boyfriend begging for mercy in-between breaths and bouts of laughter.

“So, now that you’re paying attention, what are we gonna do tonight?”

“I don’t know, Bird.”

“We could just stay in?”

“I guess. . . I don’t know though. It’s Saturday night. …

Love of Community, Hidden-gem Events, and Genuine Connection by Michael Robinson

I struggle with finding local spots to hang out and I can never find events where I can just relax while having a meaningful but light-hearted experience. Eventbrite, Meetup and other apps have been alright, but I have a pretty mixed experience with them. Also, I have honestly never found an app that was so reliable and compelling that I would recommend it to a friend or a co-worker.

Between college courses, work, writing and promoting my poetry as well improving myself as an educator with a special focus on trauma-informed teaching practices, I don’t have that much free time.

by Michael Robinson, Writer for Jynx

Between school, work, and L.A. traffic, I have no life. I am not miserable nor am I ungrateful. To put it simply, I am content. I am a content twenty-something zombie introvert. Lame. I know. Twenty-something-zombie-introvert is not a good look. The struggle is real.

I repeat, the struggle is real.

That is to say, the struggle was real.

Until Jynx.

Jynx is a social experience locator, organizer, and media-based platform. Jynx offers a landscape of hidden-gem experiences throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and it does so through something called The Cycle of Experience. …

Jynx It

Your experiences companion

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