What Is Heartburn? And How Long Does It Last?

What is Heartburn and How Long Does it Last?

Have you ever woken up one morning feeling uneasy in your chest? Or feeling acidic and wondered if it is the last night meal that caused all that? You might probably have suffered from heartburn.

Although heartburn symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack, it is important to note that heartburn has no relationship to the heart. Heartburn arises when there is an irritation of the esophagus, which is the tube that connects the throat to the stomach. Heartburn is caused by the excess acid in the stomach which leads to a burning discomfort on the upper belly.

According to research, consuming some types of food increases your risks of suffering from heartburn. Here are some of the foods that you should try to avoid or minimize:

l Foods with high sugar levels- According to a research carried out in the United Kingdom, it was proved that food with high sugar level can trigger or increase the acidity levels in our bodies. If you think that your body has a lot of acids, it is advisable to avoid sugary foods such as plums and carbonated beverages since they can spike the level of the acid in your stomach.

l Too much spicy content in your food- Spicy food can lead to heartburn. According to research, some types of spices can destroy the lining of the stomach leading to heartburn. If you observe a pattern whereby you suffer from heartburn after using some spices, it is vital that you do away with the spices. You can also consult your doctor who will be able to guide you on the best spices to use.

l Alcohol- Generally, alcohol consumption tends to interfere with the normal functioning of the digestive system. This is because the system concentrates on digesting the alcohol elements first. This leads to the accumulation of acid in your stomach which eventually lead to heartburn.

l Caffeine- Too much consumption of caffeine is likely to stimulate the stomach to produce the acid. If you are prone to heartburn, it is critical that you avoid consuming too much energy drinks especially those with caffeine and sugar. Visit this website to know more- https://www.refluxgate.com

l Foods with natural acid- Althoughwhite and red meat are rich in proteins, it is important to note that they also have high acidity levels. Where possible, try and reduce your meat consumption and substitute it with grains such as oats for proteins. Also, avoid dairy products which are acidic in nature. Oranges are also said to be very acidic and hence should be avoided by people suffering from heartburns. Try skimmed milk instead.

l Tomatoes- Your stomach takes long to digest tomatoes thereby causing imbalance. They have a high level of acid which may lead to heartburn.

How long does a heartburn last?

The length of heartburn varies. Sometimes it can last for just a few minutes, but there are times, that it can last for many hours. Although occasional heartburn is normal, long-term heartburn can be dangerous and can even lead to ulcers of the esophagus.

In conclusion, if you want to regulate the acidity level in your stomach and avoid heartburn, it is critical that you monitor the amount of PH in any food that you consume. To relieve acidity in your stomach, you can drink some buttermilk.

President of Yolanda Organization which actively works for the betterment of Nigeria

President of Yolanda Organization which actively works for the betterment of Nigeria