Steel price in 2016

Some media said: “on the guidance” iron and steel industry turnaround has been approved by the State Council, or after the Spring Festival Officially issued. The guidance most of the work will be solved in 2016 ~ 2018 three years time, the iron and steel to capacity, do not distinguish between corporate ownership.

In January 22nd, the State Council executive meeting proposed the re compression of crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 1.5 tons of targets, will be completed in the next three years.

In this effect, some of the steel stocks on Friday, steel prices have been ahead of the positive reaction. Shanghai futures exchange rebar main rose 1.10%; Chongqing steel rose 3.54%, Shandong steel rose 4.27%, eight one steel rose 3.24%.

Institutions generally believe that the action will help to shorten the period of domestic steel prices bottoming, promote the merger and reorganization of the industry, reduce the losses of enterprises, make industry to pick up as soon as possible.

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