Take Small Steps Everyday and One Day You will Get There

How many of you have dreams in your eyes? How many of you have set deadlines like by x date you will do this and by end of this year, you will purchase this or it could be anything.

Well, I think there are lots of people here, who have dreams in their eyes. Some wanted to purchase new home and some wanted to lose weight like me 😉

But what are you doing to achieving your dreams? Have you asked yourself that what steps do I have taken to move forward? We all only get motivated for our dreams and how many of us actually taken steps to make it real?

Like I wanted to lose weight and I’m daily checking Instagram fitness tutorial videos and scrolling FB videos to get motivated and I just save those videos.

Likewise, you might also be watching some kinds of motivational videos to achieve your dream and at the end, you save that video in the bookmark. And unfortunately, we never watch that video again😊

If we are taking these steps for our dreams, then I have one news for you, it will always be in your dream. You will never achieve your dream. Yes, trust me. Like this. Never! Because, watching videos and daily deciding that we will do this and setting new deadlines is not way to move ahead and do something.

You have to take that one step. You daily need to give water to your dreams so that it grows bigger. Take one step whatever you have with you and where you are. Just take tiny steps towards your dream. So, what if you fail, but you will have that feeling with you that you tried. You will have that satisfaction feeling that you tried to achieve your dream.

And this feeling is far better than not trying and regretting feeling. So, stop making deadlines and watching videos. Let’s take that one step that will push you to take second, three and more. Believe me, once you take that one step, you will be on seventh heaven that you have finally started!