Bombing the first interview of my life

Tomorrow, I have a technical interview. By tomorrow, I mean about 6 hours from now. It’s 4:17 in the morning and I am here, contemplating my life choices and mentally dying about getting shamed.

It is going to be the first technical interview of my life and its a full on front end javascript heavy role. I applied on a whim and now I am regretting my life choices. I am so much occupied doing school projects (and being super depressed about it as well), that I didn’t even have time to prepare for it. I think I will just be happy if they don’t just outright humiliate me asking questions that I have no idea about.

I get so confused when I am to rate my skill set. Very often, I see people just writing that they “know something” on their CV, but what does it even mean? At what point do you say, you are good at something? The skill ceiling seems so high to me, that I would almost always rate myself poor at everything.

Anyhow, holy fucking shit. I’m just gonna try to salvage some shit out of this. Please, let me get out of that room with some grace. Please.

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