Road trip to Madhya Pradesh

Hey friend, let me know how was the reading.

Madhya Pradesh(Heart of India), I had seen MP tourism promotional advertises a couple of time. But was not on my list of places to visit. But seriously this place amazed me with its variety.

Here, I will try to cover highlights, planning, tips, the path we took, things to carry, the place you should visit, places you can avoid and last but not least food specialty.

Before proceeding to the day by day details. We must thank the state government for focusing on tourism and making state travel-friendly. National Highways(NH) on which we covered our most of journey was an absolute delight for my husband(driver). Even the State Highways, are in good state, and improving for the future ‘Men are at work, go slow’.

Another highlight is majority hotels provide free wifi. Yes FREE wifi, though due to some reason my calling service provider left me alone but internet saved me from being disconnected with family.

Modi’s swatch Bharat Abhiyan, guys seriously most of the villages are following it. Men, women, kids everyone taking their efforts to keep area neat and clean. What are we doing?

Tips, we travel in the month of March-April so it was very obvious that the climate is hot (40–45 DC). So I decided to buy an ice box which will keep our energy drinks and fruits cool. Only Icebox may not have served us but on amazon, I got some Ice chillers, which keeps everything cool for 8–10hr. This helped us a lot.

Next is we avoided traveling in the night. Places that you might be covering in your plan are quite far from each other and majority of the roads are passing through isolated part of the city so we can not guaranty of mischief not happening, or any wild animal strike with your vehicle. Or if your car breakdown then that will be a bad nightmare. Thanks, to our friends who have repeatedly warned us regarding.

Last but not least, pepper spray. I won’t say it is absolutely required. But stay safe than sorry.

To travel in MP, if you are Indian you can plan before 2 weeks or so for outside India, flight and stay are need to be planned properly, we travel roadways in our car so as precautionary we booked only a hotel which we were sure we will make it on time considering situation such as car breakdown or anything unknown.

Stay with me, here comes interesting part.

Have a look at our day plans,

Day wise travel plan

Now I will tell you how it goes actually.

1Day, After making tank full, fasting our seat belts we started around 5.30AM. Here is a glimpse of our route.

Home Mp — map view

Even though map says 8 h 43 min, it took us long 12hrs to reach MP due to traffic in the thane then kasara ghat, fuel refill break and some nature calls. NH160, NH60 helped us to reach our destination in one day.

As per plan instead of staying at Mandu we took halt at Maheshwar.

The place where we paused was a home stay, and as its name, it’s actually a home to come back. People are polite and ready to assist you in anything they could do.

2 Day, Maheshwar. Writing soon..