My Story

Where there is a will, there is a way.

With this quote, she begins to weave her own story out of her pyx of imagination. The upcoming write-up is all about a college going girl, who loves to observe, explore and express. This is going to be her first kind of an experience where she will begin writing stories to enhance a social cause. Just like her name, Jyoti wishes to be the candle for everyone struggling with sorts of darkness. She hopes to bring smiles to everyone she is concerned of. She is a day dreamer; her fantasies are like the huge ocean whose mysteries are yet to be resolved. She likes to bring out the best in herself as well in the people around her. She is a stature of highly emotional and empathic character.

Jyoti is the eldest offspring to her parents. She is blessed to have a little clumsy brother who is four years younger than her. Her childhood has been a wonderful journey of crests and troughs. She was born in a small town, Anpara where she had spent blissful twelve years of her life. She has had many friends at her school, which’d been always like a backbone for her. She’s always had the affinity for a musical world around her. She even used to dream about becoming a famous vocalist someday. She even managed to win a few prizes at her school in extra-curricular. She learnt music during her days in Anpara, until her father got transferred to the famous city of The Taj Mahal, Agra.

That was the first turning point in her life. While she was moving to her new place, she realized the pangs of departure. Although, she did not want to move away, she had no choice but to leave it all to her friends. With a heavy soul, the day she entered her new place of study, she found it really difficult to stay along with the new people. She had been struggling to make new friends. The sudden change of the ambience hit her so hard that her health started falling apart. It took her a year or so to get back to the normal pace. But, she was successful to get over it. Her new teachers had proven to be really supporting and encouraging. They were indeed successful in bringing out the best in her when she proved herself in her high school board examinations.

When she started wondering about her further steps, she decided to give her contribution in the field of engineering sciences. As she always found herself fascinated by the structural and constructional works, she chose to be a civil engineer. Also, because of her magnetic bond with music, she manages her own YouTube channel, where she uploads her musical melodies to share her talent with everyone out there. She even had a chance to flaunt her musical flair in MTV’s Colors of Youth (a talent hunt show) in which she was the only participant to be selected from her college. She has also won many prizes in various inter college music competitions.

Jyoti finds interests in reading and writing as well. She loves poetry and has created some of her own works. She shares a peculiar attachment with paints and colors, because of which in her idle time, she does painting. She encourages all sorts of creative and educational works.

She considers her mother to be her idol. She has always been accompanied by her mother in all sorts of short comings, problems and even important decisions that she could never make on her own. She is always amazed by the strength and intelligence that her mother possesses. She truly believes in making her mother feel proud about her. Her mother is a true motivator and her best care taker.

Presently, Jyoti resides at her college hostel, pursuing her bachelor degree. She has a very small circle of friends and is a bit conservative about her choice. Her little world revolves around these crazy figures, who really contribute in supporting and encouraging her in whatever she does. They are like a family away from her soul home. She considers herself really lucky to possess all the resources that she has.

Talking about her future plans, Jyoti has a keen interest in pursuing a degree in Sound Engineering. Also, she aims to spread education among the people who cannot afford it. She desires to share her knowledge with the people who need it. In addition, she feels a responsibility towards improving her environmental situations. Therefore, she is looking forward to give a major contribution in environmental studies as well. All in all, she wishes for this world to be the best place for everybody to live in.