Millennial crisis

A typical day

So you wake up in the morning. Toss aside your blanket. Pick your phone up. Good start already! Scroll through a couple of memes on Instagram. Wait exactly for the clock to tick 8 and dash to the bathroom. While at it you almost convince yourself that brushing your teeth is wasting your time but yet again your thoughts drift away to of all the things that are wrong with world right now. (and manifest a lot of political opinions) And then decide to do nothing about it because you know, whatever.

When at office, you try to debug that stupid problem that had been stressing you out for the whole weekend. Wanting to smack your PC, you decide to take a closer look at the code instead. And there it is.

That horrendous mistake.

The missing semicolon.


I guess you are done for the day.

You spend the whole day glorifying the corrected mistake you’d made.

Scroll scroll scroll through the IG feed. Check out the new house your friend has moved into. Read up a bunch of self-help articles because you know, you want to turn the corner but get back to *tap* *tap* on the keyboard.

What? It’s 6 already!

Get back to your apartment.

Decide to treat yourself for all the hard work you have done for the day.

Doze off on that bean bag that has practically become your bed in the middle of that Netflix movie. That’s about it.

And then you glorify Elon Musk for becoming the superhuman he is but why do you fail to see what’s wrong?

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