Bollywood and reality

Culture can be seen in everyday activities of people in touching your parent’s feet before stepping out to somewhere,in smoking pot while discussing everyday affairs, it is in seeing the Muslims reading namaz at five o’clock at the mosque, or in something as simple as eating local food.Culture is what we pursue, believing it is our own. Culture is what we aggregate and make.Culture is present in our thoughts,ideas and our wishes.

This becomes interesting when you see the replica in form of a panorama in celluloid, which leaves the audience with a sense of correlation.Thus movies for me become an interpolation point of various ongoing activities happening around and thus a authentic representation of culture.So in this reference i would further study the Hindi film industry. Bollywood is a stage that provides a co-relative factor to the people with different languages and culture.The movies are for the public,of the public and by the public.The gathering of this industry is so huge that it is now an important industry in the capitalist market.The profits go as high as 300–400 crores.The basic reason that it attracts a common man for three hours,entertaining them in many cases a sense of purging and allows them to leave the theater with nothing more than a sense of relief.An important factor to examine here is what goes behind in making of the scripts,that makes the audience come back to the theater over and over again.There are two reasons for this.First is the smart making of the content of the movie i.e, production and second is even smarter promotion as well as marketing strategies.The second point is basically about making the popularity reach and smart pricing of tickets for various classes,that is reaching the maximum audience.It is basically how money is created in this industry(which is not an important point to discuss here).What is important to understand is the comparison between culture of people and movies.The first point mainly helps us to understand this comparison.

Untangling this, a clear picture of this comparison is seen.The movies copy the model of reality and shows it into the domain of fiction.The fiction is, perhaps, a kind of desire fulfillment.The idea of happy ending resides in this.And the characters portrayed are a illustration of some desires and ideas that are culturally popular.The characters are a pick from daily popular perceptions. The characterization of an most suitable father, mother, wife, son, husband etc. is pictorially represented on the screens for the audience to be able to relate to.In case of,Raj and Rahul became the popular romantic figures of the 90s. Prem was the ideal son that every family desired for. Karan-Arjun were the brothers every mother waited for. Jai-Veeru were the friends that were looked up by the masses.These names since their starting up have become remarkable points. Anyone with a minute knowledge of Bollywood recognizes with this vogue.The names are like tags that signs some identity.What goes behind making of these characters is the popularity and acceptance of certain ideas in a culture. Usually they are not the thoughts that already are but thoughts that would guide and show us what culture could be.A culture that people desire to see.Maybe that is the reason why Gabbar strikes a tone with the public.He is a simple character of an ordinary man but in that ordinariness he tries to solve the problem of corruption like a hero. This is where the tenuous desire of the audience is played with.A common man rising and saving the country-still not goes beyond the limits and turns into an highbrow.

Movies also strikes a tone with the many roles that actors/actresses play,in order to define the most tenuous characteristics of culture.So while you’re out there in movie theater,you might think to yourself,this is exactly what happened to an conversant. And rightly so.If directors can identify with the culture,so can be the public.A sense of deliverance,perhaps. Different trends are followed by people at different intervals.Hairstyles change from movie to movie, and so does the fashion of entire human generations.While being a “Hawa Hawai” was popular back in the 90's,being a “Mr.India” or even prabhas now is considered heroic and have a huge following.It is hindi movies that leads the working of the ways of society. Moreover, some bulk characters who appear for casting are easily identifiable with their unique roles. The shaping of the entire culture due the effects of hindi movies(cinema) is a perpetual process, even so contention.Art and dance are strong concepts broadly shown in movies.Different dance styles represents different cultures and have been the prominence of movies particular to different areas of our country. It is but the uniqueness of different cultures that makes movies widely acceptable among the people.So while in a movie we witness an foreigner who recently lost his job, we also see how his love life progresses into a dance performance with his loved ones. And further see him performing another dance step once he gets his job back. Thus the result of plays is said to be the commanding factor describing a people’s culture. For this reason, Bollywood is not just about India but Indians anywhere.

Culture is something we adapt, but is also so common that we find it natural to live within it. Human civilization gets its meaning from culture and cinema becomes important in helping us see it.Thus, culture for me is found in movies. A description of life and fulfillment of the needs & wishes of the common masses.

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