It’s my time.

I’m Jyotsna , most people call me Jyoti. I’m a year) student at Aligarh Muslim University.I started this blog because I’ve always been better at expressing myself through writing.By starting this blog I figured, I might be able to do two of my favorite things i.e, helping people through their problem and write about my passion. Speaking of favorite things, mine is listening music,painting(trust me I am good), writing, and sometimes eating.Studying isn’t my favorite thing to do, but over the last few months, I’ve gotten pretty good at it maybe because of exams(LOL). In between college and work, I somehow find the time to blog. I’m sure you are wondering by now why blogging and what’s after college. Often college bloggers quit blogging after college.It’s a super fun hobby but then we get too busy with building our careers. As of right now, my crazy hectic life will last as long as I have the time and passion to write. Right now, i’m also working to secure an internship that will one day lead to a full-time position with a very large company(fingers crossed). Being the person that I am, after a few years I will be ready to switch paths or make life busier.From there i would like to pursue my passion and step towards a better life(that’s all for now). So basically I’m a geek, but one of the cool ones. I’m not much girly as I hate doing makeup, but that’s none of anybodies concern.
Talking more about my life, at a point or another, we have all felt our lives were a little crazy or messed up. As a college student myself, I know just how impossible it may seem to manage everything. Now, I’m learning how to stay involved with my community, balance my score, and do the stuff I love.But sometimes life shows you what you never expects. Life might be a chaos sometimes. Every month I would set goals, and every month it seemed like I was coming up short in the same areas. I wasn’t reading enough, working out enough, doing my best enough, getting enough work done,etc. I just couldn’t seem to find the time.But I felt like I was constantly busy, so where was all my timing going? 
Then one day it strikes me that the problem with me was that I didn’t have a plan for how I was going to fulfill my targets. I just made them and hoped I would be able to get around to them sometimes.
I had heard of this small thing known “time management” before, but i was not sure to try it. Time management is like a to-do list where instead of just making a list of everything you would like to get done your work in a day, in this you plan out exactly when you are going to work on single task with time calculation. The thought of implementing this was definitely terrifying. I have to plan out every hour of my day. What if something unexpected comes up? What if I couldn’t manage to follow up my schedule? Then I’ll be even more in pressure and stressed out about everything. Ignoring my worries, I decided to give it a try. I even made a time-table chart because everything is better when you write it down. I started following my time-table(accordingly). And i found the key is that everything in your “to-do list” section should end up somewhere in your time-table.What surprised me about this system was that it gave me so much relief of mind. Earlier, I would not be able to complete my tasks, or remember something I had to do, leave task in between and so on. Now I’m performing each and every task on time and with no pressure. I can complete the task at hand without any interference.Since I have started time management, I feel like I’m getting way more accomplished. I’m not induced to stay as long on social sites because I know I only have a fix amount of time to complete a task. I don’t run aimlessly from things to things since I have each task marked in my time-table.It’s all about working smarter, not harder! I know everyone’s mind work differently and an organisational system that works perfectly for one person maybe not as good as for someone else.If you have not tried time management yet, thought, I would encourage you to give it a try and see if you feel the same.I know it has made a world difference for me. These small initiatives in day-to-day life leads to greater living, and a good living style definitely leads to success. In order to one day become a successful person I am trying to work hard, just , as much as I can. I believe, one day I will reach at the high I have dreamed of, and I will acquire everything I desire.

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