Gosh! I have been so busy lately.

Work has kept me busy, the Delhi traffic has been driving me insane and I am also working on a collection of short stories. So you see it’s been a busy few weeks!

The other day mum called and reminded me to get all the air conditioners serviced. “You must have them all in working condition. What if you get guests?”

My mother always does the nicest things in preparation for guests who might land up. It’s almost like she’s expecting the Queen to pop in for dinner one day. “Oh! I bought these lovely towels for the guests. Let’s keep these nice limited edition sheets for the guests. Don’t use that cutlery- it’s for the guests.”

I quickly learnt that if I want to get anything done well and fast, it was best to use the guest angle. For instance, there was a problem with some lights in one of the loos. So I told my mother; she was like “hmmm yes, I will ask your dad to ring the contractor and get him to send someone around.”

It still hadn’t been done after a few days so I reminded her, only this time around I said “Mum remember those lights ; now if guests come , you can’t expect them to fumble around in the dark in case the lights conk out.”

Mum: “Yes! Absolutely! I am telling your dad right away. You should have told me earlier.”

In the next few hours I had an update about the lights.

Anyhow, coming back to the air conditioners, I called the company I had bought them from and they promised to send someone over for the servicing. They are quick to respond to me because I’ve bought a lot electrical and electronic items from them. In fact, when I was changing the fridge, my mum suggested that I make the salesperson stand alongside the fridge and take a picture. She wanted to get an idea of how tall the new fridge was.

The salesperson sportingly obliged!

The guys from the servicing company came over while I was at work. When I got home they told me that a number of things were bad with one particular AC. I was quite shocked “But how can it be? I just bought it.”

The repair guy: “I don’t know madam, why don’t you speak with the supervisor.”

I spoke to the supervisor and was quite curt with him. He was apologetic about the brand new AC being diagnosed with such issues and promised to help out.

For about 10 minutes, the repair guy and his supervisor were on the phone with each other when all of a sudden, the repair guy said the supervisor wanted to talk to me.

Supervisor: “Madam, since you just bought it could you read out the invoice number to me please. I will get it replaced.”

I got the invoice and told him the number.

“But madam this can’t be correct. They are servicing model xyz and the invoice number you have given me is for model abc”

Me: “What?! Oh god! So that means you guys put the wrong AC for me?”

“Wow! This keeps getting better. I paid for model xyz and you guys installed model abc?”

I was quite annoyed by this time and of course it was late, so was hungry and tired as well. A heated exchange ensued.

I told the repair guys to pack up and finish for the day. “It’s late now; you guys can come back tomorrow.”

Just as they were leaving the supervisor called me and asked if his repair guys could look at my other AC’s. I couldn’t understand why but allowed them to.

The repair guy then told me that the AC installed in my room was model xyz, and one being repaired was model abc.

Suddenly it all made sense, I went and looked and sure enough, found the invoice for model abc , it was not under warranty. The warranty for it had expired two months back. It couldn’t be replaced; I would have to get it repaired.

I looked at Sakharam who was standing there all through “Sakharam, why didn’t you tell me I was talking about the wrong AC all through? I gave the poor guys a yelling for no reason.”

Sakharam: “Maine Soocha, Jab goliya chal rahi hai to chalne do.” (I figured if there is cross border firing happening, let it. I’d be a fool to jump in.)