The RA’s Of Today And Tomorrow

An RA, or resident assistant, is one of the most helpful things for young college students when they first step foot onto any campus. The jobs for an RA can be very diverse.

A website entitled, it says that the jobs of a resident assistant are, “to enforce the rules, mediate disagreements, and provide general support for students.”

Potential RA Stephen Francis working on homework.

Many people do not consider the resident advisor as important as the other jobs throughout campus. Sometimes it can be hard to see all that they do, because most of their work is done behind the scenes and is not made known by the other faculty of the schools.

Even though being an RA can be a fun time, and help someone’s college resume to look good, there are also other benefits to go along with the job.

The Kent State University website says that the benefits for a first year RA with a roommate, “receive a stipend of $700.00 per semester paid bi-weekly.” (

Which is not a bad deal at all. Another benefit given to the Resident assistants at Kent State University is that they receive free meal plan and room and board, which means the only aspect of the college experience they must pay for is the tuition. So clearly there are some major benefits for being an RA, at least at Kent State.

Resident Assistant Jon Natola hanging out with some residents of Olson Hall.

However, just because the benefits are great does not mean that that is the only reason why students take up such an important leadership role. They also do it because they want to help students who are coming into a new enviornment.

According to an article on entitled, “All about Resident Assistants,” it states that the RA’s are, “student leaders who make a difference in the lives of students on campus.”

RA Jon helping a friend out with homework.

This statement shows just how important a resident assistant can be for the students on a college campus. One of the biggest concerns for the RA’s on campus is making sure that all of the student are safe and totally out of harm’s way. This type of security is in their job description, and if they are not willing to look after the select students under their care, then they will be taken out of that leadership position.

Another one of the tasks performed by the resident assistants are setting up different types of events that will bring all of the students together and help them to get involved in the college life.

They take these types of jobs seriously because this could be the difference of getting someone involved in on campus activities, or just sitting in their room hoping time speeds up so they can go back home.

RA Jon Natola taping up a picture to encourage students to get to know the different resident assistants in the Olson/Lake Halls.

All of this shows why the resident assistant is a necessity for all college campuses. Not only does it help support students by giving those showing leadership qualities jobs with benefits, but it also creates a support group in all of the different dorms throughout all of the different campuses.

Jon becoming friends with the residents to help make them feel comforted and at home.

In the future it would be of great benefit for as many people as possible to try to become residents assistants, that way students can learn some responsibility and even get paid a little for their hard work. RA’s have the capabilities to change lives through creating a safe and friendly environment, so they deserve more recognition.

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