How Do Writers Write?

How did the authors in this collaborative book approach their chapter?

With our launch of The Better Business Book Volume 2 coming up this month on June 20th, I wanted to talk to some of our amazing authors and see what it was like for them to approach this process.

Writing a book can be overwhelming and feel like such a large undertaking that it can be easy to put it off and claim you have no time.

But when it comes to a big collaboration book like this one, you are one of 100 authors each contributing just one chapter, and you are giving the best advice possible.

How did our authors come at this? Were they thinking from their perspective or from the audience?

Our authors have been amazing and they have great advice to give and a story to tell. When it comes to passion, we are lucky to see it overflowing from the people around us.

That’s why we created The Better Business Book series!

I asked six of our contributors to tell me what they thought about when starting to write their chapters, and here are the responses!

Lana Guernsey is a Strategic Planning & Meeting Facilitation Consultant for Educational Organizations and likes to use her personal experiences to guide her writing.

“Good writing begins with having something to say, which I find comes from personal experiences and engaging conversations. When I sit down to write, I’m just collating conversations that have already happened.”

Founder and CEO of the Master Wordsmith, James Ranson, made a costly mistake in his business and hopes to help beginning entrepreneurs by sharing it. James allowed his vulnerability to teach a valuable lesson, and as a ghostwriter, he does not often get to write his own material where he can really teach others from his own experiences.

“I’d just spent over a year paying for a training program that wasn’t right for me but that I couldn’t get out of. I realized that LOTS of entrepreneurs get caught in situations like that. The chapter wrote itself from there. I wanted to share my story and my frustration so that others might learn from my costly mistake!”

Jeanne McPhillips is the Founder and Chief SuperGirll at SuperGirlls, a girl-power mecca for young women to come and learn how to find their superpowers, pay down debt, write stories, and learn from strong female mentors.

“ My chapter was written for the girls! I dedicate it to young college coeds who are getting ready to launch. So, I took some life lessons, wrapped them in love, and tied them up with a bow to help them learn from my mistakes. If I only knew then what I know now!”

Leonard Burg is a Soul Therapist, Psycho-spiritual coach and counselor, and the Founder of Innerspire Therapeutics, Inc. Leonard is currently working on his own book discussing his process and why is it so successful for him, and was excited to see it in action again!

“ I use a Kabalistic outline to get the raw, unfiltered brainstorm. Then I use that as a template and ferret out references as I write a draft. I find this type of outline very powerful, because it mirrors the order of creation from “No-thing” to Idea to Concept to Vision to Physical manifestation. I’m actually working on a book on this right now!”

As the Senior Manager of Business Development for eBay, Aaron Schneider is a very successful salesman, and his ambition and success have taught him how to grow his sales. Sharing what he has learned and developed with others is important to him.

“I have been a top sales producer for almost 20 years. I approached the writing from the perspective of having and wanting to share easy-to-implement tools which can help other sales reps double their sales commissions and become a rainmaker for their company.”

Abed Medawar is thePresident of Somerset Marine, a division of Magnate Worldwide. He wanted to make sure he was teaching the reader something, and wanted to let people learn from his own mistakes.

“ I approached writing my chapter by putting myself in the shoes of an entrepreneur starting a business for the first time and what I can share with them that could help them avoid some of the mistakes that I made.”

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