The Fire Walking Foot Doctor

One Man’s Book About His Spiritual Journey

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Dr. Rick Cohen is a former podiatrist and surgeon who left his practice to go on a journey of spirituality and enlightenment.

25 years later, Dr. Cohen’s quest to find himself is still evolving and continuing to bring him joy, inspirations, and deep growth.

Dr. Cohen is a spiritual teacher, a master of his emotions, and a renowned speaker and teacher, teaching others about his experiences.

Chief among his teachings are how our consciousness lives on long after our physical body has left this realm, how the soul is divine and immortal, and how much more there is to life than what we currently perceive.

In his new book, The Fire-Walking Foot Doctor: One Man’s Spiritual Journey, Dr. Cohen digs into and provokes deep emotions, removing illusions, and introduces you to a new dimension and reality inside yourself.

He delves into free will and how we can each change our thoughts, actions, physical and mental health, and even have better habits.

Dr. Cohen eloquently and passionately describes his struggle with losing his father, and how the search for answers really began in reaction to this loss. His deep spirituality and open-mindedness have led him on a path of trials, tribulations, and the ascent and descent of life lessons.

Through love, learning, advancement, and spiritual enlightenment, Dr. Cohen wants to show you how to grow on a soul-deep level.

One reader recently proclaimed that “His message is clear-sighted, benevolent, uplifting and peaceful, wishing only to help others and encourage tranquility in this life.”

As a skeptic, I went into this book with freely-admitted preconceptions. Dr. Cohen’s honest integrity and frankness has me wondering “what if.”

What if, indeed.

You can purchase Dr. Cohen’s book here and can book him for speaking engagements, rebirthing workshops, meditation, and energy healing sessions here.