Why Being A “Top Writer” Isn’t A Big Deal

Why are there so many posts about it recently?

Jyssica Schwartz
May 22, 2018 · 3 min read
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Listen, I get it.

I got a little thrill the first time I received that Medium email that I was a “Top Writer” in Books, Writing, and at one point, Entrepreneurship.

But lately I have been seeing more and more posts about “How I became a top writer on Medium in 6 days” and it’s driving me crazy.

It isn’t a secret.

They aren’t sharing some secret special sauce they discovered.

How to become a top writer:

That’s literally it.

If you’re posting regularly (and I am including responses to other peoples’ stories in this) and you’re using a tag with less overall posts attached to it, you’ll become a top writer.

You can do it a bit faster by posting AND commenting every single day and getting your stories in publications.

Being a top writer is pretty cool, and I’m happy to be one, sure, but it doesn’t give you anything. You aren’t going to get more followers simply by BEING a top writer.

You won’t necessarily earn any money or additional exposure as a top writer, though you potentially can.

Also, anyone can become a top writer, simply by spending a week posting daily and responding to a bunch of posts and using one specific tag. I guess I feel like if we’re ALL top writers, then is anyone really?

Focus on the Content

If you’re blogging, focus on creating solid content which gives value to your readers. Don’t blog for superlatives like “top writer” here or on Quora (which I also have, yay? I love the NYTimes subscription it came with, though!).

Blogging is a great way to gain exposure, build an audience, and for me, to use as writing samples.

I am a full-time freelance writer and editor, so blogging is a natural extension of my business. When people want writing samples, I give them a link to my Medium. I have also gotten a couple of clients from people who found my blog on their own. I’ve met some really cool other bloggers, and I’ve definitely been exposed to some awesome content and valuable information.

But don’t just throw 100 words on what you ate for lunch up there. Short or long, add value in some way.

I genuinely hope that when people read my blogs that they are getting something out of them. Whether it is a story which shows me a bit vulnerable or failing at something and trying to learn from it, a story of success, or simply trying to teach people in a very straightforward way about the reality of freelancing or how to find clients, I am putting it out there because I believe it has some sort of value.

Why do you blog on Medium? Do you enjoy it or is it a grind? Are you trying to get “top writer” as something to put on your resume? I’d love to hear your thoughts on “top writer” status and what it means to you.

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