Day 157- No to oat bran bread

Day 157, because that’s how long it feels like it’s been since I started this diet. Scrap that. Since I started this eating healthy habit, because I could never survive a diet. What is oat bran bread and grapefruit juice for breakfast? Or a slice of toasted wheat and honey and green tea? I just couldn’t survive it.

What I did was replace certain foods in my regular diet with other things I like to eat. I am a foodie and very big on taste, so if it’s not sweet, I won’t eat it. So white rice and bread had given way to sweet potatoes and yam, red meat has given way to shawa (dry fish), cereal has given way to oats. I don’t have a substitute for milk yet (don’t even think skimmed) so it stays for now but I’ve reduced my two heaped spoonfuls to one.

I am also drinking a lot of water. For someone who would only drink as much water as it takes to help my food down, somewhere around 1/4L for each meal (approx 1L), I’ve been hitting close to 3L daily. And I have been peeing so much I can feel the pee dropping into my bladder immediately I empty it. I’m supposed to feel light and clean inside but nothing yet. It’s only been 2 weeks so fingers crossed.

Still on water, I’m trying to stop drinking water during meals. I’ve never been a big chewer so I need water to push the food down and so I don’t choke. Anyways, no water means I have to chew my food which is healthier - I’ve been told - and means I eat for longer and so eat less. Sodas and alcohol are a complete no no for now.

There will be no rewards of any kind. I know that trap. Reward myself with a bottle of sprite and next thing there are four empty bottles around me, no sirree.

I get advice from blogs and friends. Take what they have and tweak it to suit me.

So, uhm, that’s my non-diet. I will survive it.