Paper #2 Excerpt & Tl;dr

Following is an excerpt from my second paper:

“The digital culture of streetwear consumers is surrounded by the notion that everybody lies within a hierarchy where some have higher statuses than the rest. Although it is not a clear hierarchy where people are labeled in numerical rankings, the digital culture consists of a metaphorical hierarchy where people feel the need to be better than the rest. Streetwear culture has multiple kinds of hierarchy rather than one. First, there is a sense of hierarchy displayed in being able to afford the clothes and shoes. Many popular brands of streetwear products have become over-promoted, resulting in unreasonable prices for simple products. Consumers often purchase these products based on the status boost it will help them gain rather than for the material it is made of or how the apparel actually looks. Below is a meme comically portraying the purchase of some of the expensive, simple products:

Another form of hierarchy that the digital culture entails is the status connected with the ability to purchase certain products. Within the streetwear culture, there are many products that are released in limited supplies. In order to obtain some of these products, it would require one to have connections to even have the opportunity to purchase the items. Having various connections to obtain limited edition products provides an individual with a higher ranking in the culture’s hierarchy. The culture is highly influenced by this metaphorical hierarchy as individuals attempt to earn a higher status.”

Tl;dr → An abstract hierarchy is evident within the streetwear digital culture. Status is concentrated around: whether you can afford the products and/or if you have the connections to obtain the products. Many people within the culture are trying to reach the top of the hierarchy through their consumption of streetwear products.

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