Love this Jason. Right on target. A few thoughts came to mind:

Gosh, thanks so much for this reply—I couldn’t agree more! Similar to you, I have a college freshman and a HS sophomore.

I’ve also reached the conclusion that at this point in their lives what I “say” has very little impact on them. It’s what I do, my example, that has the best chance of making an impact on them.

Kids absorb our work ethic too — watching the way we balance the job in this new economy is the best instruction we could give. How many of us saw our moms or dads in action at the office? Not me.

That’s a fantastic point (I wish I’d made it in my post). If my example is some of the best parenting I can offer, it’s encouraging to know that working remotely means they get a lot of exposure to that example. Thanks so much for helping that click for me.

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