I’ve heard horror stories about how difficult it is to get in the doors of Basecamp; how resumes are just thrown away (because they’re ridiculous), how you’re shunned if you wear a suit and can’t pull it off properly. Though, once you’re in the mindset of how they operate, all these things seem reasonable.
Reflections & Review of Rework
Nick Calabro

Hey Nick! Thanks for writing about the book. I’d suggest the old adage applies here: “Believe half of what you see. None of what you hear”.

We’re a very small company with a large audience so it’s true that job openings are competitive. We get a lot of applications and rarely hire at entry-level.

I’ve been involved in hiring several Basecampers and I promise you we don’t throw resumes in the trash. We just think that they don’t tell the whole story. The applicants who stand out go the extra mile to show more than just what they’ve done and we work with them to make sure it’s a fit for everyone.

Suits? Shunned? No way! We get together as a company a few times a year and we’re a diverse bunch. You’ll see people in everything from a suit and tie to shorts and flip-flops. Come as you are.

We think that wearing a suit to a job interview is a great idea if it a.) reflects who you are and/or b.) is appropriate to the company you’re applying to. One of the things you want to establish in an interview is that you’re a nice person to work with and you fit the company’s culture. Sometimes a suit does that, sometimes not.

Thanks again for reading the book and writing about it. Hope this is helpful!

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