It’s a great article.
Nam Nguyên

Thank you for sharing this. It sounds like a tough place to be but I think you’ve got a good sense of what to do.

What I’m hearing is that while you appreciate the generous compensation offered by your current job, you want to keep learning and growing. That’s an important realization. Being content with a job and sticking with it because of the financial benefits is a perfectly acceptable thing to do for some people. It sounds like you want more than that. You value something different than just pay and prestige.

So I think you’re right to be looking for a job that offers that growth. What I’d suggest to you is be careful about taking the wrong job. The fact that you seem to have trouble communicating effectively with this new potential boss is a red flag. Ultimately work is with people and for people and it’s a hard thing to do if you don’t like or respect someone you work for. If it’s this difficult now, imagine how much harder it will be once you’ve developed a repore where you’re even more candid and the states are high! He may have a wonderful repuatation but if you can’t get along that really doesn’t matter, right?

I’d say pass on that one and keep looking. Good luck!

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