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These are the highlights I found at React Conf ‘17 done last March 13–14.

This is gonna be the reimplementation of React’s core algorithm. Tom Occhino said they are gonna make the React core easy to contribute to and will be written in Flow. So I think it is about time to study and practice writing in Flow especially if you want to contribute to the core. However, React Fiber isn’t ready for prime time yet as of this writing but we’re close to getting there so better watch out for it.

JS Fatigue is real and sometimes it’s not…

There have been countless debates among developers when to use Single or Double quotes, whether end each statement with semicolon, and what about the block styling? To avoid ego clashes, ESLint is a great tool to mediate the this trivial task.

So here is my attempt to document what I did to enable `ESLint` on a Meteor Development with React.

As recommended by Meteor we’re going to Airbnb ESLint Config, these are predefined rules from their style guide.

First we need to install the necessary packages for this to work:

meteor npm install --save-dev babel-eslint eslint-config-airbnb eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-meteor eslint-plugin-react eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y…

These are my notes learning Redux, some phrases are directly copied from the Redux documentation but I will try to update this next time and make it more personalized. #note-to-self


  • Start with one file for your app to easily identify the relationships of the Actions > Reducers > Store
  • If you need to, spell out the variables, don’t neglect the tedium of learning what’s inside each abstraction.

Here’s a quick diagram of how a Redux workflow: Root Reducer -> store.dispatch() [Actions (Action Creators)] -> (Old) Store -> Reducers (Entire State) -> (New) Store -> Components -> (Repeat)


Actions are payloads…

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