React Conf 2017 Highlights

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These are the highlights I found at React Conf ‘17 done last March 13–14.

React Fiber

This is gonna be the reimplementation of React’s core algorithm. Tom Occhino said they are gonna make the React core easy to contribute to and will be written in Flow. So I think it is about time to study and practice writing in Flow especially if you want to contribute to the core. However, React Fiber isn’t ready for prime time yet as of this writing but we’re close to getting there so better watch out for it.

Making things simple with tools and frameworks:

JS Fatigue is real and sometimes it’s not just a state of mind but literally a physical fatigue. I remember at one point when I was trying to setup all the known tools and libraries in order to modernize my React project I had to learn a bunch of stuff Webpack, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Reselect, Normalizr, etc. One JS library leads to another and I literally got sick. So here are great tools to bootstrap your React development and hopefully get rid of JS fatigue, or not:

Create React App is a cli tool which will bootstrap your React App project so you won’t have to do it from scratch.

Also if you think you need more than just a tool to bootstrap your React App and need a framework to work on a certain way, Next.js would probably be for you.

Next.js is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications.

which to me looks promising.

Nuclide is a also another tool when writing in Flow, too bad it’s only available on Atom at the moment.

If you are using Exponent, they just released a very cool playground called Expo Sketch which I think is really helpful when trying out an experiment, learning something new and IMO, the best use-case is replicating part of your code and share it to people you need help from.

Last but definitely not the least, Reason.

Friendly Syntax & Toolchain Powered by OCaml

There were too many important points on this topic by Cheng Lou so I’m gonna leave that explaining to him.

I skipped some of the topics, so I’m probably gonna go back to this article and update it.




Christian. Husband and a Dad. Software Engineer.

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Janzen Zarzoso

Janzen Zarzoso

Christian. Husband and a Dad. Software Engineer.

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