‘Super-Fuzed’ Warheads on U.S. Navy Subs Risk Sparking an Accidental Nuclear War
War Is Boring

I honestly don’t know what idiot pays the writer to be an “expert” on these issues. The alarmist headline was extremely misleading. I was hit with a burst of national pride when I read that we had somehow tripled the throw weight of our nuclear weapons without any testing or even production of additional materials at Oak Ridge. What a grand feat!

Imagine my disappointment to discover that we had merely increased the accuracy of our missiles so that were actually able to hit what we aim with such precision that we could use fewer hydrogen bombs to achieve our desired aims. Somehow, the capability to use fewer bombs (causing far less death and destruction) is depicted by this shit head as an indication that we intend to decapitate the Russian government.

The evil USA is raising tensions! We must stop! Take our nukes off alert! Park the subs and bombers! Remove the crews from the missile silos! We must disarm ourselves and prepare for own destruction! Its the only way for PEACE!

The Russians are not interested in war with us, nor are they interested in arms control talks and ramping down their nuclear posture. If the Democrats — those brace cold warriors from history — would shut up with the Russia frenzy, we might could turn down the heat between our two countries.

The Iranians, the North Koreans, and the Chinese will not stand down. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, we will have enemies forever.

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