An Open Letter to Stefanie Williams and Other Bootstrapping Millennials…
Miles Howard

Thank you for your well thought out and eloquent article, Miles. I’m also impressed with the kind hearted responses you’ve received so far. I’m sorry, I won’t be as kind.

I hate when people try to parlay their own life-path as a panacea to other people’s problems. “I had to suffer therefore you should have to suffer.” I can guarantee that there are plenty of people that had they met Ms. Williams while she was working as a hostess and struggling to make ends meet, they would have smugly responded “That’s what you get for majoring in English. You should have gotten a STEM degree and you wouldn’t be in this position.”

Talia Jane’s approach in this may have been a bit misguided (Hindsight being 20/20). However, I understood her main point which was: Value me and my co-workers for more than just the basic job descriptors outlined. Pay me based on a cost of living basis so that I can pour my talents and passion into this job. Here’s a girl with what seems to be a good set of core values and an argument that as I mentioned, may have been a bit misguided (subject to individual interpretation) AND then you have everyone else taking turns s.h!**ing on her so that they can take the time to either flaunt their larger D!(k Size or to feel better about their own situation in light of hers.

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