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Three Hundred Words of Action | Four Shots

A bed of white noise conveying life in the singing of birds, humming of insects, the Earth’s steady stream of air, water rustling, and a chorus of trees gossiping with one another. The organic symphony performs in a paradoxical production, manufacturing nature’s music completely hidden and yet accessible to its audience. Living adjacently, an artificial band conducts a cluster of vigorous players: marching of feet, warning cries of cellular gadgets, the rise and fall of mechanical engines, and voices in sporadic repetition. These manufactured instruments chant an incantation emitting a life influenced by routine, surrounded by concrete and its own bile. It’s borders are only a few paces away, but for now we are resting in the previous place, secluded and enthralled in the music.

I’ve always enjoyed taking a stroll, whether in a fabricated set-up or a natural one. Though the term “stroll” is more commonly referred to as a “walk”. In some cultures, a walkabout while others won’t refer to it at all, simply saying, “I’m going out for a bit.” There are many names for it:

treading, and so on.

We execute such an act usually to get from one place to another. In each step lies a hustle of activity, sometimes the steps are big stretching distances between each other. Sometimes our stride may be short but quick to the next destination. Some linger, sometimes straying back and forth as if reluctant to move. Our feet carry us to discover new worlds, revisit old ones, and occasionally just to wander. They absorb the weight of memories forged along the way.

I love walking to connect. I love walking to where I’ve been and where I’ll be going. It’s an activity rehearsed by the masses, but underappreciated and jaded. To understand how to walk is how to become acquainted with storytelling. Travel chapter after chapter, document each experience until they wear down to the soul and you’re left bare. And then, when you’ve finally reach this point, keep walking…

Top Left: Depth of Field | Top Right: Middle of Action | Bottom Left: Motion Blur | Bottom Right: Panning
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