Interview with Artistic Director: Roy Von Rains, Jr.

BUUUUZZZZZZ! A battlefield of measurements and other painted instructions litter the black surface of a stage in midst construction. The sound of carpentry accompanied by a few exasperated grunts ring periodically in the sawdust air. He forces another screw into the stiff wooden frame and hopes the newly assembled house will keep shape. Artistic work found him early in life, but embracing the role as artistic director at the local theatre company was only a recent and temporary arrangement for Roy Von Rains, Jr.. Come April, Rains time as AD at the Camelot Theatre will come to end. But his career in the arts doesn’t end there, Rains has every intention to continue his pursuit in acting. Such a pursuit may very well take him back to his roots in the Golden State, where it all began. Until then, Rains will be busy wrapping up the 2017 season screw and all, while simultaneously preparing for 2018. Check for the full interview coming soon!