Don’t let the World change who you are! Be your own shooting star!

Artist interpretation of Rongomai: Māori deity who provided guidance and protection in war. (prepared muka)

To understand Māori you must understand the mechanisms and characteristics of whakapapa (a line of descent from one’s ancestors; genealogy) which embody us.

Whakapapa is central to Māori identity and the society we live in. Maori use unique oral systems scripted in ancient whakapapa that captures the essence and spirituality of humankind working together in unison with Ngā Atua (the Gods).

It constantly works through our personal creative life explorations to connect ideas, principles, beliefs and values with practice and experience. Embedded in our language, the words we use and the conversations we have.

Reconnecting with your whakapapa can be one of the most empowering and enriching educations you can gift yourself in a world saturated with outside distractions we don’t need. Whakapapa is a tool used to ground a person and help guide them forward. By having the knowledge of who you are (embody) the wisdom with the experience to know what is right — then nothing and no one can stop you!

Whakapapa is one of our most prized taonga (treasures) and participating in life can magnify as a result of how we observe it or cause us maternal separation. The impact on self, whanau, friends, communities cannot be measured.

By building your own truth, raising your standards of self respect and understanding your potential, all contributes to our daily ‘currency of life’. Diving deep to really find out who you are, influences broadening of perspective, making you stronger to stretch your existence into being.

When we have the knowledge, wisdom and experience to always choose best for ourselves we then become the ‘Master’ of our very own chef-d’oeuvre.

If we let the world weigh heavy on us we can become bitter, vengeful and unload our frustrations onto others. Most who are innocent bystanders of their own creations. Honing in on ‘You” intimately with a microscope allows what happens to you, only make you stronger. It is the anchor at the core of everything we do and a way for opening up doors of communication in a constructive manner.

When the world tries to change your heart, whakapapa helps us remember who we are, where we came from and where we are going. It allows us the ability to let go of what no longer supports our journey and expand into our light.

Be Your own Shooting Star!



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