Get Your Priorities Straight… for the Second P in the Series Prioritizing

Along with the Three Insights that have helped me better prioritize!

Today in continuing the Three P Approach series, or T.P.A., we are taking things a step further and explaining how the second P- Prioritizing- helps when it comes to looking at our schedules and figuring out not only what goes into our weeks, but how we can fit everything in.

It is, therefore, the next logical step after planning everything out that allows us to map out in greater detail and order where and how we might start that endless list of “to do” tasks running in our heads, so in the midst of breaking up our days we don’t miss anything important and everything that needs to be done gets done without over-booking ourselves. The catch seems to be that in most cases there are those commitments we need to do, things like working or appointments that can’t be missed, and the things we want to fit into our weeks, extra curricular projects, spending time with others, leisure activities and the like that are often equally important to our well-being and happiness that often can be worked around or scheduled for a separate time. It is this balance we are often working with or against at times that makes doing both especially tricky and sometimes this means having to choose one thing over the other for the time being, in order to allow ourselves to experience the other.

It can be tough, especially when the fear of missing out is a part of the experience, but one bonus insight I’ve found helpful is asking ourselves valuable questions around what we are trying to plan and where it fits into the bigger picture. For instance: Where does doing this fit in with my bigger goal? Can it be done later or at a later time? or does it absolutely have to fit into today? By looking at the bigger picture it can be easier to see what goals specifically fit into our plans and it becomes easier to see where each priority fits in and how to do so. I have also learned that when our priorities are set towards a goal, and we choose to work towards them, they feel better versus not getting around to it. Over-all, with the right tools and insights it is possible to make the most out of the opportunities we get and get our priorities straight.

The Insights:

  1. It’s all about mindset: Of course there will be those very special opportunities to participate in and that you’ll want to say “yes” to and in order to do so might take some figuring out… but there will be other less rare opportunities that will come, ones that yeah it sucks to miss out on, but as with anything it’s all in how you look at it. For instance: perhaps by missing out on that event everyone was going to has allowed yourself the much needed opportunity to rest up for other activities or experiences that may better suit you.
  2. Write Stuff Down: I cannot stress enough the importance of writing things down, especially what we need to fit into our schedules and want to fill our days with. This is not just in terms of inputting where or how the commitments fall on the calendar, but breaking up specific tasks and creating detailed lists that help us not only find a doable place to start but act as a reference later in aiding one’s memory, which over-all is especially helpful for those whose detailed oriented minds work better with a plan and order of operations.
  3. Use your time effectively and wisely: A lot of what prioritizing comes down to for me is learning that there are certain times and tasks that go together better than others. For instance: the mornings are when I’m most focused, rested and able to work most productively on writing. Whereas afternoons or evenings are typically less productive, so during this time I work on other things-perhaps editing, engaging online, or creating other types of posts, etc. Using this information as a guideline to be productive and organize the priorities appropriately in the best time of day helps me to narrow down a plan of action that works to support when I am able to best accomplish them.

Until next time, stay organized, prioritized but most of all Stay You-nique, Kylie *And don’t forget to tune in next week for the final P in our series!*

Feature Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

Photo by The Girlloop on Unsplash

Originally published at on April 24, 2019.




Blogger of Life on the Spectrum and creative; embracing Aspergers; thinking differently and living creatively. Blog:

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Kylie A

Kylie A

Blogger of Life on the Spectrum and creative; embracing Aspergers; thinking differently and living creatively. Blog:

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