On My Own Time

One thing you may (or may not) know about me is that it takes me a while to figure things out on my own.

This is often a common trait of Autism and Aspergers- as it is of me. That means my thinking is a little slower, I take longer to figure things out and often come to my own conclusions later too (or too late sometimes I’ve realized. Which is okay I’ve come to understand this about the way I think and how I process information or experiences.

“To each their own” as the common expression seems to suggest, and for me on my own time.

Though it can be challenging for someone like me, who thinks a little differently and processes life a little slower to accept that and be okay with discovering the hows and whys of life that others may realize sooner than I will.

I admit it would be nice to think just a tad quicker and come to insight sooner I know this is not how I operate. So I have to be patient with myself and take my own time to work it out.

Which I have gotten a little faster with some help and I’m working on trying to think things out sooner, planning a little further out but only to a certain extent because thinking too far into the future only freaks me out.

This is how I’ve learned to make a decisions and become much more intuitive, even though this process has taken practice I now know what does feel good and what doesn’t.

Bonus: An analogy I use to understand my own processing speed is that of a P.C. In that I can function still pretty well get the job done even with my processing being slower I do get there eventually on my own time and schedule. You just have to give me patience and understanding that it will take me a little longer to get there.


Feature image: Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash

Originally published at www.lifeonthespectrum.ca on October 16, 2017.