One Year with Life on the Spectrum

Kylie A
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Well Friends and Fellow Readers,

Happy One Year Blogiversary with Life on the Spectrum everyone, and thank-you for coming along. It’s been quite the journey so far of sharing, learning, understanding and opening up in order to help others better understand what life as an Autistic individual is like on the Autistic Spectrum, but also one to help me embrace my Autistic self as well. A step I wasn’t sure would work out, but with some carefully planning, growing and lots of encouragement gradually I’ve become more comfortable sharing more openly what life is like for me upon this wonderful direction. One I am so grateful to have and wanted to make it count.

Along the way, I’ve become inspired to write about topics that didn’t make sense on my previous blog; explore ideas in a new depth and with a new lens talk on the unique experiences or insights that Autism has brought into my life- some challenging others exciting, and even more that in the process I’ve had the privilege of speaking to people about more of the experiences that have shaped who I am today in the form of story-telling, and what it means living “life on the spectrum”. Which was pretty awesome that this one change- transitioning to Life on the Spectrum-, could bring such an honourable opportunities that you can read about them here and here). Over-all becoming self-hosted has been a wonderful move, helped make this tiny corner of the internet feel like mine where I am more comfortable to share the ideas that have inspired me to embrace this wonderful journey of self-acceptance and discovery, and by sharing has welcomed in the opportunity to make a difference, even if it’s in a small way or with just one person, it’s still motivates me to continue writing each week, and explore even more important topics/insights.

Couldn’t have done it without you…

Though, I do a lot of the writing, planning and posting on my own; it doesn’t necessary mean it’s been a completely solitary journey. In fact, I couldn’t or wouldn’t have got this far without the support of others and those around me, who in times of frustration, doubts or creativity blocks have encouraged me to continue onward when things have got stressful or uncertain. So, here I would like to thank everyone who has been there through it all, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Special thanks as well to the #ActuallyAutistic community on Twitter, who like me are spreading understanding, acceptance, support and resources to help others feel less alone, for you have inspired me to do the same. The #blogging community who have helped provide inspiration throughout the creative process, but most importantly I’d like to thank the family, friends and wonderful individuals who have shown an interest in person, have encouraged me to keep writing, gave it a read, offered support, interest and spread the word. Every kind word and gesture has been greatly appreciated and made what sometimes seem like a solitary journey in writing seem less so, as well as helped me grow as a writer.

Thank-you again everyone, and I look forward to sharing more as Life on the Spectrum evolves and this journey grows.

Happy First Year Blogiversary Everyone, and Many More to come.

Stay tuned in, but most importantly Stay You-nique!


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