It’s all in the Mind

I recently came across a book that Bill Gates had recommended in his yearly reading list.

It presented a very simple concept

  • Fixed Mindset: When we assume that intelligence is a given thing and one needs to operate within given limitations
  • Growth Mindset: When we assume that one can improve his intelligence with time and we need to train our brain like a muscle to improve oneself

As I began to read more on this topic, I learnt a few lessons that I could sense will have an impact on my thinking

  • Power of “Yet”. When you fail in something, rather than blaming on your failure, appreciate your effort and understand that you are not good at this yet and you will improve. Many a times, I stopped trying to improve on any area or subject I felt I was poor, by saying to self that its better to give up as there is no scope for improvement. Maybe it’s time I appreciated the fact that I am not good enough yet and I will improve with time. Of course, we all are presented with limited time and if improving in a specific area allows us to gain an upper hand, its time to appreciate the power of “Yet”
  • Appreciate the Effort: In today’s time, there is very high focus on end result in our jobs and though you could have put in your best efforts, if results are not in line, you are told to move away. Rarely is one appreciated for his/her efforts. If you look at some of the quotes that is stated about failure in silicon valley or by entrepreneurs, you can clearly get the sense that appreciation for failure is actually appreciation for your effort.
  • Everyone is a Mix of both mindsets: Every person is mix of the above mindsets and if you contemplate, you will be able to appreciate that some ideas are viewed by you in a fixed mindset and others in a growth mindset. Many a times, we may stop trying in due to application of fixed mindset assuming that nothing further can be improved. However, we are limiting ourself with this thought process and we should seek add the word Yet and see if this can bring about a change
  • Power of Growth Mindset: Applying growth mindset seems to present multiple benefits to students, where low performing students ended up in the 95% percentile. It clearly indicates that shifting our thought process to growth mindset when we appear to limit ourself to fixed mindset should show positive results. It is hard to bring about a sudden change in one’s thought process but maybe one should just add the word yet in the end to remind oneself that other possibilities exist

In case you are interested in knowing more about this topic, you can explore the below links or maybe purchase the book

This topic really did intrigue me to read the book but considering the pending reading list that I have, I will need to pick it up for a later period. I wish you all the best in exploring more on this topic and maybe add on more to this topic

PS: Don’t mind the amateurish writing as I just took the courage to write a blog and hope to improve with passage of time

Originally published at on January 14, 2016.

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