Learning to Code | from zero to multi million dollar brand (pt.1)

that stock macbook image tho

Exactly about a year and a half ago is when I hopped on Codeacademy and learning HTML and CSS. The goal was simple: I wanted a blog.

Fast forwarded about a year later, I:

  • Became a solo/lead web developer for an entire Digital Marketing Agency, Put in charge for every single websites for the clients
  • Made thousands of Dollars as a Freelance Web Developer and use the money to buy everything I wanted, including this Macbook
  • Made websites for a million dollar Burgers Franchise (owned by Mark Wahlburg) , Celebrities and Rap artists (Ja Rule, DMX, Young Thug)

The funniest part? I failed my CS classes in College and High school.

I made a complete 180 shift in my career in 1 year. How do I do that?


I truly think Everybody should at least learn how to code.

So I’m making a multi part posts on Learning Code. Before we are getting into the nitty-gritty HOW-TO guide, it is much better to address prior objections and disbeliefs.

Objection 1: I’m not a computer science major

I agree, Computer science is hard as shit. But let me tell you why this point is completely invalid:

I failed Computer class in my middle school. To make the matter worse, I also got a D+ on my college computer science class. It wasn’t fun, I hated every minute of me learning CS in school.

However, as it turns out the real development work I do in real life is a far cry from the work I did in school. Despite being a Marketing major for 2 years and getting a degree in communications, I was able to do the work and quite frankly get great enjoyment out of the process. DEVELOPMENT IS FUN!

Objection 2: Learning Code takes too much time

The time argument is completely ridiculous. You said you don’t have the time, but the root cause of the problem actually stems from inability to block out your time aka you have a horrible time management.

Here is what you could do right now to clear out a huge chunk of your time: Start journaling and blocking out the time you spent in your day. If you follow these exercises correctly for the next week you will realize that majority of the time you spent on were meaningless useless tasks like watching porn, Netflix, scrolling through Facebook etc. This is not an article on time management, but you get the point. You have HELUVA lot of time left on your hands than you think.

Prioritize, can you stop playing Call of Duty, DOTA or watching Game of Thrones for a few hours of your day if your career might be depended on it?

3) Objection: I dont think I’d ever want to be a developer

It’s time I let you in on a secret:

I’m not a developer, I don’t consider myself a developer, I actually NEVER wanted to be a developer.

With that said, there is only 1 thing I really enjoy doing: 1) Making cool stuff and pushing it out there for people to use.

That was it, I literally accidentally fell into this role because love to learn and make cool things. The only thing putting me through the process is genuine curiosity in how stuff works and the dopamine I get from becoming better at this one thing.

I stuck mostly with Web Development. You don’t have to do that. Pick your hobby, anything you like -or even remotely interested in. App development, IOS- Android, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Game development and so much more!

You will never realize if you are cut out for anything until you experiment with it. usually, do something/push it out — and wait for the feedback from the world. In my case, only 3 months after making my first website, somebody wanted to pay me for $700, that’s how i know I could pull it off.

Start coding, show it to people — then see what happens :)