Rachel Edwards

It’s also funny but sad reading these responses which completely fail to grasp your point because the victim mentality is such a banner of virtue here in the US. They have to twist your point or try to shame you into towing the party line, but no one can actually take your point and dismantle it for the point alone because what you are saying is actually true!!! Thank god someone is speaking the truth.

One person wrote you, please don’t undo the work of feminists. Wow holy shit, if the work of feminists can be undone by one truthful article then what kind of work are they doing? I wish there was another word for women wanting other women to have equality other than feminist because that word is so toxic now. Would never call myself that.

By the way, we pretty much have achieved equality in the US systemically. We have strict hiring laws and on the job laws protecting women and varying races. That’s all that can be done from the legal point of view and a system point of view. Like where I live people drive like hell in Miami and we have tons of very precise laws to prevent this type of driving but who’s going to enforce it? We would need a cop for every person. The point is you need something other than laws to make society a community worth living in. You need common cause and belonging. People don’t have that here in miami, it’s every person for themselves as there is no original population here, they all fled with the invasion of cubans in the 80s and 90s. They were displaced and with that invasion came a diminishing of quality of life and more crime and more sexism from their macho culture but no one cares about true cause and effect!

We should be focusing on learning how to preserve community or create that rather than division like the 3rd wave feminists and neo-liberals are so good at. They just want to keep turning to laws and government and have a nanny state. Just whine and whine instead of really figuring out what goes into togetherness. They dont’ have all the answers or all the virtue — not even close!