My Dad Was a Successful Republican Businessman Who Worked Himself to Death…and Guess What, He…
Laura Borgendale

The Trump Supporters’ Lament

I don’t mean to pick on anyone’s dead father. I didn’t know him. But this story encapsulates the Trump supporters lament; the odds are stacked against them; they work and strive and it doesn’t matter any more; someone else gets all the goodies.

But wait a minute. Your dad had choices.

  • Why did he decide to farm the land (well-known to be arduous physical labor) instead of seeking opportunities in the city?
  • Why did he decide to own a business instead of working as an employee for a reasonable number of hours a day?
  • Why did he tie up so much capital in a business with such a low rate of return?
  • Why did he attempt to compete with industrial scale farming operations instead of selling out and moving on?

The problem with Trump supporters is that they blame the world for choices they made themselves. Then they blame everyone who made more successful choices. They’re so practiced at denying reality it’s no wonder they buy every conspiracy theory, every preacher, every demagogue that makes them feel good, that lets them believe their situation is not their own fault. Never mind the choices they made, the opportunities they let slip away.

Trump’s polling numbers measure the number of people who behave in this way. That’s what’s truly scary.

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