At EL Passion, we had one of our quarterly Hackathons — an opportunity to learn new skills, utilise already developed skills and channel the energy and creativity of employees.

Coin Tracker

As we’re all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we decided to build an app that would help us track exchange rates in our wallets. We called it ‘Coin Tracker’.

“Let’s turn this idea into a working product”, we thought, and that’s how our two-day adventure began.

Our team consisted of one designer, and two developers (frontend and backend), all of whom have a good working knowledge of cryptocurrency tracking apps. This saved us a lot of time, because we didn’t require much additional research.

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Where to begin?

First, we had to create a framework that we would stick to during these two days. We based our work schedule on Sprints, which means we split each day into four blocks of working hours. …

A Guide to a Great Internship for Developers and Designers

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize that it’s just a time to start a new exciting journey. It doesn’t matter if you have just completed your dream studies, decided to change the course of your career path or just wanted to follow your heart. One thing is sure — diving into a new specialization is a huge chunk of knowledge to assimilate. This post will be about assimilation itself.

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Internships are often perceived as slavery. Moreover, it is said that interns work for free and learn nothing from that — what means months of doing boring stuff and losing valuable time. Nothing could be further from the truth! An internship is the time when employers invest their time and money to prepare you for your future work. …

How to prepare a clickable prototype that contains all interactions.

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How many times have you tried to explain your excellent design to a developer? Either using gestures, storyboards or easy digital prototypes with finished design views — it’s not easy to communicate your vision. Principle gives you the power to show basic interactions in few easy steps. After reading this article, you will be four steps closer to express your vision.

Here is full sized Calendar View I’ve prepared for my HUB Mobile Application. Firstly I tried to explain my vision of interactions to my friends, using InVision app with few screens uploaded. Didn’t work. Then I spent 2 hours preparing this prototype. …


Kamil Janus

UI/UX Ninja at @elpassion

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