For those who haven’t yet heard, we are planning to tokenize a portion of our company’s shares — granting investors an opportunity to become shareholders of the Blockport company.

STO launch date

The start of the sale of Blockport Securities (BPS) is planned for:

31st of March.

How can you participate?

European investors (from most member states in the EEA) and accredited investors from the US are able to participate in our STO.

NOT: For the first round, only limited spots are available.

More information will be published over the coming days and weeks about the steps that are required to participate in the Blockport STO.


Blockport is launching its first equity round STO in March 31st. Find out more here.

Yes, the title might sound audacious, even if you’re a proponent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

However, based on well funded arguments and theories from thought leaders around the world, I will try to explain why a multi trillion dollar market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is not an unrealistic scenario in the near future.

What’s discussed in this article is not financial advice, and the scope of this article is strictly limited to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, who share many similar characteristics.

At the…

In this article, we provide an update of the past week’s developments at Blockport. We also reveal May’s monthly Community Content winners. Lastly, we will provide a brief outline of Blockport’s upcoming plans.

A weekly status update

As is almost customary in the space that we are working in, the last week at Blockport has been incredibly busy, exciting and full of progress.

During this week we have on-boarded over 50+ new Beta users that are currently heavily testing the product’s performance and functionalities. Unfortunately, these users have to deal with the un-user-friendly VPN in order to access the Beta. The team is working…

In this final update prior to the launch of our Beta, we will disclose more details on what you can expect from us the coming weeks. Additionally, we have some exciting news for you that we haven’t shared with anyone yet!

New Website

Right after the successful completion of our token sale we decided to radically improve our website to be more mature and service-focused. It will be the first point of entry for all our customers and partners, and therefore has to act like a solid information gateway. Our completely new website including our new support page is now online at…

In the past months we’ve been working extremely hard to develop our Blockport 1.0 Beta. Now it is time to open up and tell you more about our first product release starting 29th of March.

In this update we would like to explain exactly which features are included in the Beta (and which are not). Secondly, we share our Beta scaling approach with you: Controlled Beta user on-boarding balanced with our goals of: (i) monitoring and maintaining stability; (ii) continuously validating and improving our product and; (iii) managing support processing times.

Finally, we would like to share why we decided…

In this article we would like to share some important changes regarding our Crowdsale start date, individual cap and rates & caps. Additionally, we updated our roadmap with more specifics for the coming year.

Crowdsale starts on 24th of January!

In the past few weeks we have gained tremendous traction from the crypto community, and therefore, we decided to pull the start time of the Crowdsale forward!

The new Crowdsale start time is set on: 24th of January 2018, 15:00 CET

Setting the Crowdsale start time forward enables us to spread the influx of incoming participants, giving committed community members more time to attain Blockport tokens.

Individual cap is 50 ETH

In this article we would like to provide some feedback on the results of our pre-sale that was launched last wednesday, 3rd of January. Additionally, we have an exciting announcement to make at the end of this article!

Pre-sale sold out under three minutes!

In the past weeks over thousands of people signed up for our pre-sale whitelisting, and around 2000+ were eventually successfully whitelisted.

With great excitement we can disclose that within two minutes and thirty seconds after our launch we reached our maximum pre-sale cap of 1666 Ether!

For everyone that wanted to participate in the pre-sale, but could not get in on time…

In this article we explain how to check if you received your Blockport tokens with MyEtherWallet.

Note: In the pre-sale you will be able to immediately see your Blockport tokens after purchase. In the public crowdsale everyone will receive the Blockport tokens after the crowdsale has successfully ended or the hardcap has been reached.

You can also use any other ERC20 wallet like Mist, Geth or Parity to check balances quickly. However, in this article we will only provide an explanation for,

1. On the homepage click “View wallet Info” tab in the upper part of the website.


The Blockport token contracts have been published on Github and are available for review here.

Bug Bounty Rules

The bounty will follow the standard Ethereum Foundation bug bounty severity classifications, with the ultimate severity up to the discretion of the Blockport team.

Blockport is launching its first equity round STO in March 31st. Find out more here.

We are thrilled to announce our new strategic alliance with the team and community of ARK! is a secure platform designed for mass adoption. It provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases.

Currently, ARK is the #40 coin of the world and runs on a modified Delegated-Proof-Of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism featuring 51 delegates. …

Kai Kaïn Bennink

Founder & Chief Strategy of Blockport. We are currently building the first social cryptocurrency exchange.

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