The basics to create custom Xamarin.Forms controls using SkiaSharp

Konrad Müller
Jul 15 · 9 min read


What is SkiaSharp?

SkiaSharp basics


Sample chapes: Rounded rect, circle and square.
Drawing the Xamarin logo from SVG path data.


An arc with antialiasing enabled (red) compared to one without antialiasing (green).
Drawing the Xamarin logo using BlendModes to layer the shapes.

The coordinate system

Sample points to demonstrate the coordinate system in SkiaSharp: One circle in each corner, a centered square and an arc from 0° to 45°.

Manipulating the canvas

An arc from 0° to 45° after rotating the canvas by -90° (orange) compared to the same arc without a canvas rotation (red).

User input

Bindable properties, commands and events

Further reading

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