There isn’t anything more important to me than my workspace. As Jonathan Rosenfeld talks about a mindful workspace, even the slightest changes can make a difference. Our minds are used to seeing the way things are. For example, rearranging one of our rooms can make us feel completely new. We humans tend to resist change, so having an open mind is important. The workspace of my mind has learnt to adapt to the environment and work accordingly. Since ideas don’t respect our work hours, I am always looking to learn new things every moment.

An aerial view of my minimalist workspace.

When it comes to my physical workspace, having a clutter free environment is the best boost for my productivity. My usual workspace only consists of elements that I require at that point of time. A table, blank walls and a few inspirational quotes keep me going. With reference to Feng Shui and proven studies, extra amount of natural light makes a lot of difference.

I am looking forward to improve my workspace by making it feel more stress free. I would also love to know anything that can make me feel at the peak of my creativity.

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