I think we should hold them accountable by opposing them.
Thor Benson

Mr. Brodsky, accountability does not equate to squelching free speech. Let me explain. You are free to drive the roads in this country. But if you drive them at 100 mph, you are a potential harm to others. You are free to drive but you are held accountable for *how* you drive. That is all I am saying. That we all maintain free speech but be held accountable for *how* we speak. Lies, falsehoods, devious propaganda, slander all harm others and our country. While we don’t want to silence anyone’s voice, we need consequences put in place for the misuse of these freedoms. You are free to own a gun but if you misuse it to shoot an innocent civilian you are to be held accountable. If the freedoms we have are not bound by laws that check the extreme misuse of those freedoms then we just have anarchy. As a conservative I doubt that is what you want.